Written by: LifeTech team, Racepoint Global London
If the wallets and eyeballs were not broke from the first press day’s efforts, yesterday’s previews at IFA had plenty more in reserve.

Once again we are shaking the tech fanatics of Racepoint Global upside down to get their take on the best announcements.

Who wants to listen to the sound of silence?

Audio specialist, Sennheiser, made a splash by showcasing its Momentum True Wireless earbuds. The Bluetooth headphones feature up to 12 hours of battery life, "Transparent Hearing" audio pass-through and digital assistant support. While this new contender in the true wireless race certainly made some noise, the award for most innovative audio equipment announcement goes to Sony, with its latest product, the 1000XM3. Sony’s 1000XM2 is critically acclaimed and considered one of the best noise cancelling headphones on the market. Now, the audio giant takes it a step further with a new, home-grown HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1, providing HQ sound and incredible noise cancelling abilities

Spice up your digital life

Samsung showcased its take on connected living which incorporates artificial intelligence and turns the spotlight onto the consumer’s wellbeing. Its main focus lies in making life more convenient and taking away the burden and boredom of simple, everyday tasks by changing them into “experiences” through the use of smart living tools.

One of those is the Family Hub Refrigerator whose features include a large touchscreen, voice ID and a meal planning programme. Another appliance to spice up your kitchen would be the Dual Cook Flex. The Cook Flex oven can be controlled remotely, gives recommendations and adjusts itself to meet the taste and dietary needs of individual family members – cue family squabbles over “blue” vs “well done”.

Tracking the latest style

Diesel’s newest drop, the ‘Full Guard 2.5’ (emphasis being on the 2.5 and no longer on the 2), has seen extra fitness features introduced, including a heart rate sensor. The sizeable watch also boasts 3 ATM water-resistance and GPS. Sony has also continued its scene-stealing ways with the launch of three new 4k projectors, offering special features designed for gamers and sports fans. A new “lag reduction” feature will please gaming fans as they attempt to play more freely and the new 4K “Motionflow” will impress sports fans with smoother frame rates to accommodate high-speed sporting action.

Flashing a technical smile

While the medical technology innovators have so far been quiet at this year’s IFA, Philips took to the stage today to announce its new developments in teledentistry, wearables and connected living. We saw a toothbrush that can provide dental consultations from home, AI used to optimise sleep for those who struggle to get their seven hours, and a blender that helps people to reach their specific health goals.