Written by: Danny Breen – Assistant Client Executive, Racepoint Global LondonFrom funny tweets to left-field transfer reveals, AS Roma have ripped up the rule book on how club conduct themselves on social media and built up a cult following in the process.
Football clubs tend to follow a pretty standard template when it comes to managing their media platforms. Match and training updates, interviews, some nice gifs and the odd sponsor story fill most clubs’ feeds.
When they announce a player has signed a new contract, the post will typically be accompanied by a picture of the player putting pen to paper with a short note of congratulations.
Roma do things a little differently.
Gregoire Defrel’s new contract video involved a Star Wars intro rip off, armed military enforcers arriving by helicopter, speed boats and goats in trees. Some quite bizarre and unnecessary features, but that was the idea. Roma wanted  to think outside the box and show some personality. Football fans – whether they supported Roma or not - absolutely loved it.
When Roma’s third goal went in against Barcelona in last season’s Champions League match up - they eschewed the usual goal graphic, instead tweeting:
‘Daje’ is Italian for ‘come on’. The rest is, well.... gibberish. But it encapsulated every scream, roar and cry by Roma’s fans when the ball crossed the line. Supporters following the match at home were able to experience the pandemonium the goal unleashed at Stadio Olimpico. 174,000 retweets and over 314,000 likes followed.
Paul Rogers, Roma’s head of Digital and Social Media and architect of this fresh approach explains it like this: “We’re not going to be able to change a Manchester United fan or Liverpool fan or Arsenal fan into not supporting their team and supporting Roma. But what we might do is get them to like Roma as well as their second team or Italian team.”
Speaking as Chelsea fan, I can say it’s worked on me. I think it captures a refreshing insight into social media. It is an example on how to maximise efficiency on social media platforms for a football club. Not only are Roma engaging their own fans, they’re using authentic content to engage fans worldwide. Their strategy is a reflection of their unique personality as it portrays character, entertainment and authenticity.