Written by: Shana Coy - Senior Manager, Racepoint Global Boston 
Today is National Intern Day, and here at Racepoint Global, we are excited to recognize and acknowledge our fabulous group of summer interns! This summer, we have a total of 13 interns on staff supporting our public relations, public affairs, marketing, creative services, human resources and information technology teams. Our interns work across all of our US offices: Boston, Washington DC, Raleigh and San Francisco. Not only do these industry rising stars provide a level of support that is essential to keeping our teams on track, they are learning valuable business and life skills that they will undoubtedly take with them as they pursue full-time careers within their respective fields. Their summer experience culminates with a group project which allows them to showcase their learnings and skills which they will present to our leadership team.

The primary focus of our program is to provide a real-world, comprehensive experience for both current students and post-college graduates. It enables an inside look at agency life and what it means to be part of the Racepoint team. Current PR intern, Peter Elia reflects on his experience at Racepoint this summer and has been thrilled to have had the opportunity to work closely with his teams and hone his PR skills.

From drafting social media posts to monitoring the World Cup for one of the client’s apps, everything I have done here, no matter how small, has been a fantastic learning experience.

Working closely with assigned managers, our interns are guided through a three to six-month course building their skills and knowledge. They may regularly support three to four client accounts and are also expected to help out with ad hoc projects and/or new business proposals. Interns gather valuable experience in all facets of their craft, from brainstorming and research to writing projects.

Our impressive summer interns provide an incredible amount of support and are part of the fabric that is Racepoint Global.  PR intern, Holly Hancock reflects on her experience joining the team and expresses how much she appreciates Racepoint Global’s unique atmosphere and culture.

“Even though everyone is working on separate accounts, there is still an overwhelming sense of support and comradery for one another. Listening to the cascade of congratulations throughout the office when someone has achieved something they’ve put countless hours and work into, and the unending echoes of support and encouragement when something doesn’t work out as planned are proof  that here at Racepoint Global, we are each other’s successes and failures.”  Our interns truly feel as though they are welcomed into the Racepoint Global community, and are awarded opportunities to actively contribute across their teams. Elia adds, “Most people wake up for work dreading the day ahead.  I wake up excited to come in each day to see what new opportunities await because, to me, everything I have done and will do here at Racepoint is exciting and engaging.”

Racepoint interns so value their experience that we often have students repeat for two or more semesters before graduation, and all agree that the experience gained during their time here prepares them for future professional ventures. The success of the program has been made evident by the number of full-time employees we have on staff who started here at Racepoint in our internship program. Believe it or not, more than 20 people currently on staff successfully made the transition from intern to full-time employee.

Our interns are currently working as a team to create a presentation on “The Racepoint Summer Internship Experience”. They are using the knowledge from each of their capabilities to teach back to our senior team members what they’ve learned this summer. Given what we know about this group, I am feeling pretty confident that these rising stars are sure to shine, and will hit it out of the park.


Racepoint Global is currently accepting applications for our Fall 2018 Internship program. To apply, please visit http://rpg.nrivers.com/careers/