Written by: Katie Packham– Senior Agency Marketing Manager, Racepoint Global London

As Day 2 comes to a close the topic that is still on everyone’s lips is 5G. But what is next for 5G?

It seems to be the actual roll out of the new technology that is a worry for providers. Ericsson’s CEO Borje Ekholm, spoke at the show about the ‘high risk’ Europe faces if it continues to fall behind North America and Asia, despite operators having access to the technologies to deliver the service. Progress seems to face being blocked by heavy regulation, high spectrum fees and uncertain spectrum duration.

Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon described the transition to 5G as very profound. “It’s going to be the biggest breakthrough for Qualcomm and for partners in the wireless industries,” he said. “5G is going to connect us to the cloud and connect everything else and this is how we think about the role of our company for the next 30 years.” Amon pointed to AI processing as the fastest growing silicon area for Qualcomm today, adding “Billions of connected things, enormous amounts of data and everyone is going to see the need of the cloud moving to the edge.”

The debate around 5G security continued to dominate at this year’s show. European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel, said her organisation was working to bring a solution for 5G network security. She said she was aware of the unrest among the telecommunications sector caused by the ongoing discussions surrounding potential legislation related to national security and 5G rollout but reiterated it was important for Europe to have a common approach to this challenge.