Communications Agency Racepoint Global Adds 10 Clients to Roster

Strategic Refocus on Earned Media for Technology & Healthcare Brands Drives 2019 Momentum

Racepoint Global, a communications agency specializing in technology, healthcare and innovation, announced today the addition of ten new clients across the globe.

“We’ve begun to see the positive results of our strategic decision to double down on Racepoint’s focus on earned media for B2B, technology and healthcare brands,” said Larry Weber, the agency’s Chairman and CEO. “From security to wellness to software and more, I’m proud to add these brands to our global roster. We’re looking forward to telling each client’s innovation story and helping to drive the conversations that matter the most to their business.”

Racepoint welcomes the following clients to the agency’s roster:

  • A-LIGN – a cybersecurity, compliance and privacy firm that leverages its industry expertise to navigate organizations towards security, compliance and privacy services that will enhance their information security to prevent cyber threats and reduce risk, turning their security into a competitive edge.
  • Carolina Advanced Digital – provides technology infrastructure and security solutions to government, education, healthcare and commercial clients across the United States.
  • DailyPaya B2B HR technology platform that enables employees to have access to their earned wages before payday and helps companies increase recruiting efforts, employee retention, and satisfaction.
  • NormaTec – the NormaTec Pulse Recovery System helps athletes of all levels recover faster between workouts by reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation.
  • OnRobot – provides innovative Plug & Produce End-of-Arm Tooling that help manufacturers take full advantage of the benefits of collaborative robots.
  • PTW International a leading technology innovator, with 16 offices in 10 countries, helping customers in the gaming, e-learning and entertainment industries make products ready for global market deployments.
  • Scipher Medicine – by deciphering RNA, the company has started a new era of patient treatment in autoimmune diseases by getting patients the right drug from day one.
  • Tinecoinnovative electrical appliance company that has been creating solutions for people to live easy and enjoy life since 1998.
  • Tour 24 – a mobile app that streamlines the apartment rental process for consumers and property owners by integrating with smart tech systems at properties and providing self-guided tours.
  • Tribeca Companies – a venture capital and private equity firm based in San Francisco representing up-and-coming health and wellness brands like Encardia Wellness and Spot On Health and Wellness.

“We wanted to work with a partner who understood our company and our story, and felt as passionate about the power of our technology as we did,” said John Aquadro, Vice President at NormaTec. “With their strong background supporting product launches, and media relations expertise, Racepoint Global was, without a doubt, the partner we were looking for to help propel NormaTec’s continued growth.”