Written by: Tom Bennett– Client Director, Racepoint Global London

Technology is changing the face of sport.

2018 saw VAR used at the World Cup, fans quoting Expected Goals stats in the pub and Manchester City’s coaching staff trained as drone pilots.

Here are three areas we’re excited about for 2019:

Fan engagement
Technology is being used in ever more inventive ways to improve the experience of sports fans on game day. There are now touchpoints from the moment you jump into an Uber en route to the game, right up to the final whistle. FanPictor, which uses ultrasonic waves to offer team updates to fans in stadia, is one of our favourites companies in this space at the moment. New Zealand based Spalk – which gives fans the chance to commentate on the matches they’re watching, is another.

Sports science

Elite have been able to analyse the minutiae of their on-field performances for some time. Whether it’s miles covered, intensity of effort or sprinting speed,  the pros can now exactly where their bodies are at. Now – in-depth analysis is available at high street prices to any sports aficionado who wants it. Performance analysis company Catapult’s PLAYR vest, which enables Sunday league footballers to track their performances in much the say way as Bayern Munich or the Welsh rugby  team do, is a great example.


The proliferation of streaming sites in 2018 was extraordinary and the trend doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon as Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, DAZN and more vie for sports rights in 2019.