Last month, our leadership team ensured that our people have the time they need to exercise their fundamental right to vote by providing an additional paid time off day we are calling Democracy Day.

RPG’s Democracy Day is designed to remove barriers to participation in the democratic process this year. Our aim is to foster participation as individuals see fit: registering to vote; securing their mail-in ballots; researching issues and candidates; voting—early or on November 3rd; or volunteering at polling stations. Our team can take the time in half-day increments if that works better for them.

To further demonstrate our commitment, RPG has joined Time To Vote, a non-partisan, business-led initiative that helps ensure employees across America don't have to choose between voting and earning a paycheck. The movement aims to increase employee civic engagement and voter participation in the 2020 election. Time To Vote demonstrates the power of what the business community can achieve when it works to address the most significant issues of our time.

We encourage other agencies and businesses to do the same. To learn more or join the Time To Vote movement, visit their application page. Voting—that’s a conversation that matters.